Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shark Mittens!

I made Ali a shark hat using the pattern from my very most favorite crochet blog RepeatCrafterMe


And then I decided he needed some mittens to go with it, and this is what I came up with:

He loves them- although he hasn't quite worked out that sharks don't growl.  

These are pretty simple to put together, and they only use a few basic stitches.   It take about 45 minutes to crochet each mitten, and then about another hour to make and attach the details (I sew slowly). 

They're nice and long, and very warm because of the worsted weight yarn. 

Soft worsted weight yarn- Vanna's Choice, "I Love This Yarn", Red Heart Soft in grey
Yarn needle
4 small black buttons
red, and white felt
sewing needles and thread
H crochet hook.

Size- toddlers ages 3-4. 

Row 1:  In a magic loop chain 2  11 hdc join in first HDC to hide the seam.
Row 2:  Chain 1, 2HDC per stitch (22 HDC). Join in first stitch of previous row.
Rows 3-7:   Chain 1,  22HDC join in first HDC. Join
Row 8:  Chain 1, 1HDC, CH 10, skip 10, 11 HDC, join.  (you're essentially making a big button hole).  
Row 9 Chain 1,  1 HDC,  work 10 HDC into the chain (leave a top loop for crocheting the mouth on later), 11 HDC, join
Row 10-14 ch 1, 22 HDC join
Row 15-18: 1 FPHDC, 1 BPHDC repeat around joining at the end of each round.  Break yarn, and weave in ends.

Mouth flap:
Starting 2 stitches before the bottom left corner pick up 22 HDC stitches around.  Work 2hdctog in the corners so there are no gaps, and work the stitches in the back loop only of the HDCs.  Join.

Rows 2-5:  22 hdc, join in first stitch of previous row.
Rows 6&7: hdc2tog, join.

Break yarn, sew the end together, and weave in ends.

Mouth:  Cut 2 rectangular pieces of red felt big enough to line the inside of the mouth, and trim the corners so they're slightly rounded.  There's a .pdf pattern for the approximate size, but hold it up to your piece to make sure it fits.  You may need to make an adjustment.

Sew the red felt into place.

Teeth:  Cut two 1/2" strips of felt 11 inches long.  Cut each strip in half to make two 5-1/2" strips.  Snip approximately 12 teeth into each strip leaving them connected together with a small strip for sewing.  They don't have to be perfect- a little jagged, and uneven is fine.

Sew a strip of teeth onto the top and bottom of each side of the mouth.  

Fin- make two:  
Go to http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2013/08/crochet-shark-hat-pattern.html
Follow the pattern for the first 9 rows of the fin.  Break yarn, and sew on.

And the action shot....the hat is from this pattern on Etsy- it's a great pattern, and includes lots of different sizes. 

If the sharks are a little too fierce this pattern is pretty versatile.  Here's his Elmo mittens made from the same pattern:


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